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The Next Election is Nov. 7, 2023

This is a general election, in which candidates from different parties run against each other for each office.  Also, two current Superior Court judges are in the ninth year of their ten-year terms and therefore up for retention.  Voters get to decide whether these judges will remain on the bench.  If the majority of voters says yes, judges up for retention do not have to run against another person to remain in office for another ten-year term.  If the majority says no, the judges can remain only if they run for office the following year for another 10-year term.








Justice of the Supreme Court -- Vote for one

  Carolyn Carluccio (Republican Party Candidate)

  Daniel McCaffery (Democratic Party Candidate)

Judge of the Superior Court --Vote for two

   Maria Battista (Republican Party Candidate)

   Jill Beck (Democratic Party Candidate)

   Timika Lane (Democratic Party Candidate)

   Harry F. Smail Jr. (Republican Party Candidate)

Judge of the Commonwealth Court -- Vote for one

   Josh Prince (Republican Party Candidate)

   Matt Wolf (Democratic Party Candidate)

Delaware County Court of Common Pleas -- Vote for one

   Rachel Ezzell Berry (Democratic Party Candidate)

   Dawn Getty Sutphin (Republican Party Candidate)

Delaware County District Attorney -- Vote for one

   Beth Stefanide Miscichowski (Republican Party Candidate)

   Jack Stollsteimer (Democratic Party Candidate)

Magisterial Judge -- Vote for one

   W. Keith Williams II (Democratic Party Candidate)

Delaware County Council -- Vote for three

   William Dennon (Republican Party Candidate)

   Jeffrey O. Jones (Republican Party Candidate)

   Christine Reuther (Democratic Party Candidate)

   Elaine Paul Schaefer (Democratic Party Candidate)

   Joy Schwartz (Republican Party Candidate)  

   Dr. Monica Taylor (Democratic Party Candidate)

WPSD School 81 Director Region 7 -- Vote for one

   Jennifer Hoff (Democratic Party Candidate)

Lansdowne Borough Council -- Vote for four

   Molly Connors (Democratic Party Candidate)

   William Griffin (Democratic Party Candidate)

   Benjamin Hover (Democratic Party Candidate)

   Jessica Pointer (Democratic Party Candidate)

Five questions: 

Should these Superior Court judges be retained?

   Jack A. Panella (Democratic Party Candidate)

   Victor P. Stabile (Republican Party Candidate)

Should these Court of Common Pleas judges be retained?

   Richard M. Cappelli (Republican Party Candidate)

   Barry C. Dozor (Republican Party Candidate)

   William Chip Mackrides (Republican Party Candidate)

Always check both sides of a ballot.  On this ballot, the judicial retention questions are on the back of the ballot!

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Click on a candidate's name to see the official campaign website or social media page, when available. 

For independant examinations of the candidates, check out Ballotpedia and VoteSmart.

For sample ballots, check out this page on the Delaware County website.

For brief discussions of various issues, check out
A Starting Point.

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