The Next Election is May 18, 2021

This is a primary election, in which voters vote on specific questions and choose among the candidates from their party for each office.  However, because judicial positions are considered non-partisan, Pennsylvania law allows candidates for judicial office to cross file.  This means that candidates for judge from both parties may appear on a primary ballot, without party identification.  If you want to vote for only those candidates who are members of the same party as you are, you need to know which candidates those are when you vote.  

Although voters who are not registered as Democrats or Republicans cannot vote for candidates for positions in a primary election, they can vote on issues or questions.  See below for the proposed amendments to the Pennsylvania constitution and law.

Pennsylvania Judges:

Pennsylvania Supreme Court -- one seat

Democratic Candidate: Maria McLaughlin

Republican Candidates: Kevin Brobson

                                       Patricia McCullough

                                       Paula A. Patrick

Pennsylvania Superior Court -- one seat

Democratic Candidates: Jill Beck

                                       Timika Lane

                                       Bryan Neft

Republican Candidate: Megan Sullivan

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court -- two seats

Democratic Candidates: Lori A. Dumas

                                      Amanda Green-Hawkins

                                      David Spurgeon

                                      Sierra Thomas Street

Republican Candidates: Andrew Crompton (Incumbent)

                                       Stacy Wallace

Delaware County Offices:

Delaware County County Council -- two seats

Democratic Candidates: Kevin M. Madden (Incumbent)

                                        Richard Womack

Republican Candidates: Frank Agovino

                                      Joe Lombardo

Delaware County Sheriff

Republican Candidate: Joshua Brown

Democratic Candidate: Jerry L. Sanders, Jr. (Incumbent)

Delaware County Controller

Republican Candidate: Sherry Smyth

Democratic Candidate: Joanne Phillips (Incumbent)

Delaware County Register of Wills

Republican Candidate: David Bartholf

Democratic Candidate: Rachel Ezell Berry (Incumbent)

Delaware County Court of Common Pleas -- 2 seats

Republican Candidates: Deborah Truscello

                                       Michael Ruggieri

Democratic Candidates: Deborah Krull

                                        Atinuke (Tinu) Moss

                                        Ray Santarelli

Lansdowne Borough Offices:


Democratic Candidate: Magda Byrne

Borough Council -- 4 seats

Democratic Candidates: Kellie Bowker, Robert Curry,

                                        Carol Martsolf, Jayne Young

Tax Collector

Democratic Candidate: Bill Smith

William Penn School District Board Director

Democratic Candidate: Jan Tong


Democratic Candidate: Jerome Fletcher

Pennsylvania Law

Legislative Resolution to Extend or Terminate Emergency Declaration Amendment
To allow the General Assembly to extend or terminate a governor’s emergency declaration.  Click here to learn more.

Emergency Declarations Amendment  

  To limit a governor’s emergency declaration to 21 days unless the legislature votes to extend the order.  Click here to learn more.

Equal Rights Regardless of Race or Ethnicity Amendment
   To amend the Pennsylvania constitution to prohibit the denial or abridgement of rights based on race or ethnicity.  Click here to learn more.

Proposal to Expand Existing State Loan Program to Municipal Fire Companies and EMS Companies

   To expand a state loan program for loans to volunteer fire companies, volunteer ambulance services, and volunteer rescue squads to include loans to municipal fire departments or companies that provide services through paid personnel and emergency medical services companies for the purpose of establishing and modernizing facilities.  Click here to learn more

Click on a candidate's name to see the official campaign website or social media page, when available. 

For independant examinations of the candidates, check out Ballotpedia and VoteSmart.

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