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The Next Election is April 23, 2024

These candidates will appear on the Democratic ballot:

U.S. President:  Joseph Biden

U.S. Senator: Robert P. Casey, Jr.

Pennsylvania Attorney General:

   Jack Stollsteimer

   Eugene DePasquale

   Joe Khan

   Keir Bradford-Grey

   Jared Solomon

Pennsylvania Auditor General:

   Malcolm Kenyatta

   Mark Pinsley

Pennsylvania State Treasurer:

   Ryan Bizzarro

   Erin McClelland

Pennsylvania U.S. Representative District 5: Mary Gay Scanlon

Pennsylvania State District 164: Gina H. Curry


These candidates will appear on the Republican ballot:

U.S. President: Donald Trump

U.S. Senator: Dave McCormick

Pennsylvania Attorney General:

   Craig Williams

   Dave Sunday

Pennsylvania Auditor General: Tim DeFoor

Pennsylvania State Treasurer: Stacey Garrity

Pennsylvania U.S. Representative District 5: Alfeia Goodwin

Always check both sides of a ballot. 

Click on a candidate's name to see the official campaign website or social media page, when available. 

For independant examinations of the candidates, check out Ballotpedia and VoteSmart.

For sample ballots, check out this page on the Delaware County website.

For brief discussions of various issues, check out
A Starting Point.

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