The Next Election is Nov. 8, 2022

This is a general election, in which candidates from different parties run against each other for each office.  Voters who are registered as Independents, Democrats, or Republicans can vote.

United States Senate -- one open seat (Sen. Pat Toomey (R) is not seeking re-election)

Democratic Candidate: John Fetterman

Republican Candidate: Mehmet Oz

Pennsylvania's 5th Congressional District:

Democratic Candidate: Mary Gay Scanlon (Incumbent)

Republican Candidate: David Galluch

Libertarian Candidate: Robert Margus

Pennsylvania Governor:  

Democratic Candidate: Josh Shapiro

Republican Candidate: Doug Mastriano

Green Party Candidate: Christina Olson

Libertarian Candidate: Matt Hackenburg

Keystone Party of Pennsylvania: Joseph Soloski

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor:

Republican Candidate: Carrie DelRosso

Democratic Candidates: Austin Davis

Libertarian Candidates: Timothy McMaster

Keystone Party of Pennsylvania: Nicole Shultz

Pennsylvania State Senate, District 26:

Democratic Candidate: Tim Kearney

Republican Candidate: Frank Agovino

Pennsylvania State House, District 164:

Democratic Candidate: Gina Curry (Incumbent)

Republican Candidate:

Always check both sides of a ballot.  In some elections, there will be candidates or issues on both sides!

Click on a candidate's name to see the official campaign website or social media page, when available. 

For independant examinations of the candidates, check out Ballotpedia and VoteSmart.

For sample ballots, check out this page on the Delaware County website.

For brief discussions of various issues, check out

A Starting Point.