Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who don't vote. 
William E. Simon, Secretary of the Treasury, 1973-4

Congratulations, Lansdowne!

75% of eligible voters in Lansdowne voted in the Nov. 6, 2018, mid-term election!  Those in the 11th precinct should be especially proud, as 82% of those registered voted.  In mid-terms nationally, only about 40% usually vote. 

The last day to register before the next general election is

october 7, 2019

An embarrassingly low percentage of Americans exercises their right to vote.  Out of 35 developed countries, the United States has nearly the lowest percent of eligible voters who vote (31st out of 35!).  Approximately 20% of eligible voters in the United States are not even registered.  An even larger percent of those registered do not bother to vote.  Voter turnout is especially low in primaries and local elections. 

A healthy democracy is only possible with active voter engagement.

Last day to apply for a civilian absentee ballot

october 29, 2019

Last day for County Board of Elections to receive civilian absentee ballots

november 1, 2019

the next general Election is

november 5, 2019

Help Us Make Lansdowne the Town That Votes!

The Lansdowne Votes Campaign 

has been organized by Lansdowne residents Caryl Carpenter and Christine Du Bois-Buxbaum.

The Lansdowne Votes Campaign does not endorse any candidate and is not affiliated with any party.

Our Goals for 2019 are to continue increasing the number of voters in Lansdowne

and to help voters to learn about the candidates for local and county offices.

Endorsed by the Lansdowne Borough Council, the Lansdowne Economic Development Committee, and the Lansdowne Business & Professional Association!

To participate in any aspect of the Lansdowne Votes Campaign send an email with your name, address, and email address to
We want to make this a community-wide effort that involves as many Lansdowne organizations as possible.  We welcome other suggestions about how to engage our residents.
If you think that you are
registered to vote, you can
check that here.
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